Shipping Policy

Richard Magazine does not sell any of its own goods, nor does Richard Magazine ship any of its own products. All Sellers are responsible for the shipping of their own products. Seller must create their own shipping policy with the following minimum requirements:

  1. Domestic Shipping. Sellers must ship throughout the Continental United States and are encouraged, but not required to ship to Alaska, Hawai’i, and Puerto Rico. Sellers must ensure that they are able to ship to all the locations they are selling to, or the sale will not be processed and Purchasers will not be billed and Seller will not be paid. Seller may restrict certain shipments to Hawai’i, Alaska, and Puerto Rico.

  2. Restrictions on Shipping to Alaska, Puerto Rico, or Hawai’i. If the Seller choses to sell to Alaska, Puerto Rico, or Hawai’i, the following restrictions on shipping may be observed.

    1. Dimensional Shipping Limits. Shipping to any of the above locations may require that certain objects not exceed certain specified length, girth, or weight restrictions. All such restrictions will be listed before the item is purchased. If an object cannot be shipped, then Purchaser cannot be billed.

    2. Shape. The shipment of large or unusually shaped objects may be prohibited. If a shipment cannot occur, such inability to ship must be identified before finalizing the purchase. If an item cannot be shipped, Purchaser cannot be billed.

    3. Hazmat. Richard Magazine prohibits the listing or shipping of Hazardous Material.

    4. Improper Billing. For purposes of this section, if a Purchaser is billed for an item, and the item is unable to ship for any reason, then the Purchaser will be entitled to a

      full refund of the purchase price.

  1. Shipping Restrictions. Richard Magazine does not ship to PO Boxes or Military APOs. Richard Magazine and its Sellers are currently only able to ship within the United States.

  2. Carriers. Sellers should ship all purchases through either Federal Express (FedEx), United Parcel Service (UPS), or the United States Postal Service (USPS). Whatever method of shipping Seller chooses, Seller must ensure that a tracking number is generated. Orders without tracking numbers cannot be processed. Any transaction that does not provide a tracking number will be cancelled and Purchaser’s money will be refunded. Seller shall be responsible for any loss associated with any cancelled transaction.

  3. Shipping Options. Each Seller choses their own shipping options, but Richard Magazine recommends the following options for smaller, non-freight objects. Sellers may select any of the fooling options or provide their own. If Seller provides their own shipping option, then they must offer a form of express shipping.

    1. One Day Shipping. Orders should be filled, processed, shipped, and delivered within one (1) business day from the time of the order.

    2. Two Day Shipping. Orders should be filled, processed, shipped, and delivered within two (2) business days from the time of the order.

    3. Economy Shipping. If an item is in stock, is should take no more than five (5) business days to process the order. After processing allow up to three (3) to eight (8) business days.

    4. Ground Shipping. If the item is in stock, processing should take no more than five (5) business days. After processing has completed, allow one (1) to seven (7) business days for shipping.

  1. Expedited Shipping. If the item is in stock, processing should be limited to three (3) business days. After processing, the item should be delivered within two (2) business days.

  2. Express Shipping. If the item is in stock, processing should be limited to three (3) business days. After processing, the item should be delivered within one (1) business day.

  1. Out of Stock Items. If an item is out of stock, the item’s entry in the Store Marketplace should be locked. In any event, Seller may not sell any out of stock items, unless the item(s) will be in stock and ready to ship within the processing window selected by the Purchaser. In the event it will not be available within the processing period, Seller may inform the Purchaser that the item is out of stock and will ship as soon as it is available. Seller must give an accurate wait time. If Purchaser does not wish to wait, Seller cannot take payment from the Purchaser and must ensure that a full refund has been given.

  2. Large/Freight Sized Items. Certain items are too large to be shipped by normal methods. Seller will ensure that any items of this category are shipped through an appropriate carrier. Seller is responsible for ensuring that the carrier delivers the item in a timely manner. Seller must also ensure that the carrier will, at a minimum, unload it from their truck to the curb (“curbside delivery”). Any additional delivery service is not required, but may be provided as an option by Seller.

  3. Tracking. Sellers are required to ensure that all items being shipped are tracked. When an item ships, Seller must provide Richard Magazine with the tracking number so that the Purchaser may be provided relevant updates on the status of their order as updates are needed or requested.

9. Condition. It is the Seller’s responsibility to ensure the item is shipped efficiently and securely. Any damage that occurs during shipping shall be the responsibility and at the risk of the Seller.

10. Estimates. The Seller must provide as accurate an estimate as is practicable when providing shipping methods, dates of delivery, and any comparable information for the items they sell.

11. Promotion Prohibited. Seller may not include any promotional material from Seller with any item shipped to any Purchaser.

12. Pricing. Seller may charge Purchaser shipping and handling costs, but Seller, at their option, may offer free shipping or handling.