New Jersey Night Clubs Canvas Art Print - Canvas Wall Art that Makes a Statement

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Were you part of the Bar Scene around North Jersey in the 70’s & 80’s?

Then you’ve stumbled upon something very special…
NJ CLUBS ON CANVAS is a Unique Design that really makes a Statement when you hang it in your Home or Office. Take a Trip Down Memory Lane ~ Its Great for reminiscing about our favorites places of the past.

Perfect for play rooms, dens and more. Designed with Subway Canvas Art in mind, they make a very cool gift. Sit back with your buddies of yesteryear and tell stories of what you remember about the various nightclubs.

If one of your Favorites is not on the list in our standard design, let us know and we’ll customize your very own Canvas Print.

Customization Policy:
If you selected a size that has a Custom Design, you must enter your name so we can match it to your order. Then go ahead and give us UP TO FIVE REPLACEMENTS. Enter the club you want removed along with the new club you want to replace it with.

Note: We will put the new club in the same spot as the one you tell us to remove and use the same formatting (all upper case or upper and lower case combo) to include the new one. We’ve found that this results in the best artwork.

Also Note: As you can see, the longer the name the smaller the characters and vise versa. So for example, if you replace Kandy Bar Rock Cafe with Joe’s Bar then the characters for Joe’s Bar would result in a lot larger font size.